🗣 ~~ SHOUTBOX ~~ 📢

If only I had the means to find & invite other Fiverr forum friends you work with, that’d easily pollute fill up this forum :sweat_smile:

@RegiAdd Just wanted to tell you that I’ve got big plans for this forum :grin: OK, that might sound like I’m taking over your forum, but I’m not (not yet :eyes: )

I have a lot of ideas for new threads, polls, debates, writing help, Games & Contests, etc.

So I’m eagerly waiting for you to invite more people and make this forum official so that I can start doing my thang and bring it in line with other popular writing forums with the abundance of awesome topic ideas I have in mind :sunglasses:

OK, :bomb: dropped, back to my cave :hole:

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I like!!! :heart_decoration:

I’ve been super busy at work - traveling non stop there. Today was the first day I’ve had a breather and it’s only because it’s holiday here in the states.

I’m looking forward to this weekend when I really have some time to spend working on my blog and stuff.

:eyes: you on Friday!

:heart: :point_left: !

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Phew, I was already getting worried for not hearing anything from you for so long :grimacing:

Well, happy holiday! :us: :fireworks: :confetti_ball: (:alien: :space_invader:)

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Ahhh, irritating! I can’t figure out how to point microblogs to discourse!

I don’t want to invite anyone else until the web name is correct - they won’t have the wrong address saved. I’ve been working to redirect for a few days now. I’ve tried everything!

Nah! It’s summer. People are on vacation, with family with friends. I typically sell more ebooks in the summer but write more in the Fall, Winter - less in Spring - practically none in Summer.

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Looks like I’ve taken on more than I can handle.

I may have to put my ebooks on the back burner for the next 3 or 4 months and concentrate on my blogs/forum. I barely have a life outside work as it is and adding these two things have me losing sleep every night.

I watched a rather good Youtube video where the guy have about 3 million subscribers. He started his career on Youtube part time and for the first 4 years, he barely had any views. It took him awhile to find his niche, but when he did, the number of subscribers skyrocketed in one month.

Forward to today and all his income comes from Youtube.

I’m getting subscribers on my blogs, but I guess they are shy about posting. It’s been less two months so I’m not gonna get discouraged yet. I just need to spend more time here!

Taking a deep breath and letting it out! :grinning:

Okay, so I’m probably taking to myself again but hey, everything takes time to grow!

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I think the reason why forum users and subscribers don’t post anything or come and then disappear is lack of time - they’re writers, they write (apart from having day jobs, too), and I’ve experienced myself how writing takes up all your time :slight_smile:

So I think there might not be enough time for most writers to hang out on forums, comment, post and such… I might be wrong, though.

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Is this true?


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Unfortunately it is :cry: And my sales stats are feeling it :pensive:

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I checked and you can’t sort by country so I don’t know what Writer aka Red Devil is talking about.

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@RegiAdd This is what he’s talking about (it’s a filter on the left sidebar):


#discrimination_much? I wasn’t expecting this one from Fiverr, who always said stuff like “treat everyone the same, it’s an international platform”

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That’s new! Hum, :thinking: I’m not sure how I feel about that right now.

Are there many complaints on the forum about it?

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I have no clue - I’m not a regular anymore there, and I’ve been quite MIA there lately…

Whenever anything new happens, the forum is typically flooded with complaints left and right. I automatically figured there would be.

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I thought you were :sleeping_bed:

Are the :owl: disrupting your :dark_sunglasses:?

“Pondering what Raz meant by this, Regina goes off to exercise.”

Nighty night Raz!

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You have no idea how loud they can be in groups :weary: and ever since I’ve seen a funny video on how horny turtles sound like, I realized owls here make almost the same noise, which is even more disturbing :rofl:

Have fun :running_woman: !

I’ll go :facepunch: a pillow and crash the :sleeping_bed:


Are you :bed: ?

I have a question. Are forum post indexed by Google? If so, how?

Thank/ :heart: G!

PS. How are you?

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Be my guest :slight_smile: There’s not much anonymity left online anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello boys and girls! I am still here!

I see no one has missed me since I’ve been gone! :frowning: I figured someone would @me to get my attention, ask how I’m doing! Shucks, I feel so unloved. :broken_heart:

Well Razzy, @razvan tell hello to :eggplant: for me!

Tell Ms. V. I miss her :crying_cat_face: .

As for the rest of you - - - I curse you with WRITER’S BLOCK!!

All my love, Reg